What is Cold Storage?

With the growth in the economy, "Cold Deposits", consisting of industrial cold room panels, are the most widely accepted storage systems in the world, providing healthy and hygienic environments for long time preservation of the naturalness and freshness of foodstuffs.

In addition to the food industry, industrial cold storage is a widely used method for storing chemical and medical materials under appropriate conditions.

There are institutions such as hospitals, laboratories, supermarkets, patisseries and restaurants where cold storages are installed, they can be installed in ideal dimensions for different usage areas and they provide great energy saving by creating high thermal isolation through sandwich panels.

The polyurethane filled sandwich panel used for the construction of cold storages is the most ideal material which gives excellent results in heat isolation in terms of technical qualities, durability and ease of installation. The polyester or pvc covered galvanized sheet surface material used inside and outside of the panels is hygienic and easy to clean and durability to protect and preserve the freshness and properties of medical products, meat, vegetables and all foodstuffs for the best and longest time without deterioration. Thanks to the cold storage, bulk materials can be purchased for transportation in various sectors, and the material received is protected at the exact desired temperatures and the desired levels can be obtained at this level.

It covers the requirements of the quality management system for an organization that must provide medical devices and prove compliance with customer requirements and relevant regulatory requirements

All Cold Room Storages are manufactured in different panel thicknesses according to different temperature range.

Temperature degree Applied Panel Thickness
(+5 / +10 °C) 60 mm
(+4 / -5 °C) 80 mm
(-6 / -12 °C) 100 mm
(-13 / -20 °C) 120 mm
(-21 / -30 °C) 150 mm
(-31 / -42 °C) 200 mm

Mounting of Cold Room Storage Panel

Cold room panels are modular system and can be cut, mounted in the desired dimensions. Thanks to the locking system on the panels, the installation is carried out perfectly. Figures of cold room mounting are as bellow.