Cold Room Panels

We use two kinds of cold room panels which are locked and unlocked in thickness of 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm and 200 mm.

Our panels are manufactured by the TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality assurance system. It provide that our supply chain is certified by a quality system beginning from our suppliers through our production to delivery.

The surface of the panels is smooth, hygienic and easy to clean. Because of its hygienic nature, it is preferred in hospitals, foodstuff and medicine sector.

Special bend corner return accessories prevent heat loss in floor - wall - ceiling assemblies

Cold Room Floor Panels

We have floor panels according to usage area, corrosion resistance, strength and various properties.

Plywood Strengthened Stainless Steel Floor Panels

The inner surface is made of 10 mm thickness, water resistant, non-slip formwork printedand 304 grade Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet in thickness of 0,60 mm.

Plywood Floor Panels

Its inner surface is made of 100% birch wood, dark brown hexagonal plywood plate in thickness of 10mm. The outer surface is made of galvanized in thickness of 0,50 mm. Plywood floor panel has a maximum load carrying capacity of 3000 kg/m2.

Intended Purpose of Cold Room Panel

Industrial Cold Room Panels; Cold rooms panels provide technical and hygienic preservation of this places starting from raw materials of food; including storage and sorting, processing, evaluation, durability, packaging, and storage and transport facilities for the sale of foodstuffs. According to the project, energy saving and speed are provided by production alternatives.

Industrial cold storage panels are used to protect taste, odor, appearance, structure and other properties or to prevent unwanted changes during to preparation, storage, handling, packing, transporting and distribution of nutritious and supplement foodstuff. Industrial Cool Store Panels are preferred in all of the facilities that protect foodstuffs from external influences, producing, prossesing and storing in appropriate and hygienic manner in Turkish Food Codex.

Usage Areas of Cold Room Panels

  • Industries constructions
  • Factories and industries
  • Super markets
  • Warehouse, hangars
  • Industryes related to agriculture and animal husbandry
  • Industrial cold warehouse
  • Social facilities (accommodation, dormitory, hotel, motel, etc.)
  • All kinds of foodstuff facilities (vegetables, fruit, herbal and animal products, seafood, chocolate, oil etc.)
  • Facilities producing bakery products, patisseries
  • Facilities producing medical goods and warehouses (pharmaceutical manufacturers, laboratories, hospitals, etc.)