Multi Function Cold Room Controller

YKS 500 Controllers can control all the functions that may be needed in cold room applications, including both temperature and humidity controls. With its innovative design and ease of application that the box type brings, the YKS 500 is able to provide direct access to all functions thanks to its dual indicator and four large keys. With YKS 500 multi function cold room control devices, seasonal gas cycle management and HACCP status recording can be done thanks to temperature recording, hot and humidity control.

Fan Speed Control Device

Electronic fan speed control is designed to control the speed of fans in commercial refrigeration systems according to the pressure changes in the condenser. Working pressure range is between 9.2 ... 21.2 bar, Maximum working pressure is 32 bar, connection type 7/16"-20 UNF Female thread.

Cold Room Pressure Balance Valves

It is used to balance the indoor pressure with the outdoor pressure in the cold storages. Pressure balance valves are made entirely of stainless steel. There is a heating system to keep the chamber which flaps locate warm. This will prevent frosts in this chamber due to the outgoing air.

Cold Room PVC Strip Curtain

PVC strip curtains provide energy saving, heat and moisture isolation. PVC strips are used intensively in cold room doors, personnel entrance doors, in manufacturing, in goods entrance and exit sections. PVC strips are preferred due to the fact that hygienic structures can be easily and quickly mounted, easily cleaned, heat and fire resistant, noise reduction, and easy replacement.