About Us

Yazkar has established cooling systems
Since 17 years as Yazkar, we are producing cooling systems for our customers with the accumulation required by our high technology. Our job is to establish systems that meet the cooling needs of both foodstuff and other industrial facilities. As YAZKAR company, we take our power from our strong customer that in their sector and employees who have experience and knowledge over 17 years.When we design our products we consider quality, low price and efficiency together, we aim at low energy consumption, smooth operation and minimum maintenance costs.

The most critical process between the production and consumption of foodstuffs and perishable goods is cold storage. The quality of the cold storage process is directly related to the manufacturer, the distributor, and the end customer. Therefore, the cooling sector requires seriousness, continuity and responsibility.

Since 17 years,YAZKAR has made important contributions to sector's development with the consciousness of sectoral and social responsibility. Yazkar continues to increase these contributions in cooling cold storage sector. YAZKAR has pioneered the production by closely following new technologies and investments in R&D.

Yazkar Soğuk Oda - Soğutma Sistemleri Company serving in Cold Chain is proceeding with great steps towards becoming the most reliable name of food safety both domestic and abroad market. Our export datas in recent years is an indication of our success.

Yazkar Soğuk Oda - Soğutma Sistemleri brand YAZKAR A.Ş. as it is today, as well as Turkey's future, both will continue to be assurance of the nearby countries.